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Chris Dimond Architect

I understand residential projects well and will ensure that realistic time and cost expectations are set at the beginning of the project, and that clear communication is provided to you at all times. This is your project, and I am here to assist you to achieve an outstanding result.

Strategic Architectural Services

If you are a large organisation, a business, a school, a sporting club, a community organisation or similar, I can assist you with strategic architectural services. This will ensure your project:

  • Considers asset planning

  • Considers lifecycle costing

  • Considers responsible environmental design in a changing climate

  • Considers how the modern workplace continues to change

  • Is designed and planned for community activation and safety

  • Aligns with higher level policies and strategies within your organisation

  • Maximises building reactivation / repurposing opportunities

I can work with you to ensure your project has considered all of the relevant opportunities and constraints, value propositions, risk management, environmental and sustainable initiatives, community benefit and user convenience, in addition to the time and cost considerations that underpin every project.


Architectural Design Services

My architectural experience base is broad and varied, with skills that can be applied to all project types. I have extensive experience in residential design and can assist you with either the design of your new home, or with alterations and additions to your existing home. In addition, I can guide you through the feasibility process that often precedes significant projects like these, giving you the confidence to know that all options have been considered, and ensuring you have a clear understanding of the process at all times. I can provide skilled design, documentation and contract administration services for your project (full services), or particular stages only (partial services).

Provided Services

- Preparation of your project brief

- Feasibility and project analysis

- Conceptual design

- Statutory approvals process

- Preparation of construction documentation

- Coordination of external consultants

- Contract administration and advice

- 3D design and shading studies

- Experience with every stage of the process

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